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Naftonomix 2012- Beyond the Barrel
‘Naftonomix 2012-Beyond the Barrel’ organized by Department of Oil & Gas and Energy Trading, UPES on 29th & 30th April 2012, aimed to facilitate students bring out the professional in them by providing platform where they can get an out-of-the book exposure to think out-of-the box and evaluate.
Naftonomix 2012, a two days student driven event, flanked by Prof Pokhriyal and other faculty members was initiated to provide students the chance to make a difference through performing & presenting cultural and artistic skills. The technical sub-events were case based context, management paper presentation, virtual trading, Click Pic (photography contest), Symposium, Knack (Poster making competition), Instinct (extempore), Business idea, Brain Storming (quiz) and Vaudeville (cultural event).
The event also included the highly informative deliberation sessions in a Conference, delivered by renowned speakers, for the day. In Inaugural speech by Dr. Sudhir Singhal, ex Director IIP, the students were apprised with the overview of various Euro norms prevailing in Europe and Bharat norms existing in India. The students were aprised about the startup of green field and brown field refineries and the various constraints by Dr. Mohanlal (Ex Director, Axen Technologies). Mr. B.S. Sehmi (DGM, IDT, ONGC) enlightened the students with the quality, health safety and environment issues in upstream company, and the precautionary measures in offshore rigs. Dr. R P Badoni, the Distinguished Professor of UPES, spoke about the future fuel like Hydrogen, Boron, and Nitrogen. Mr. Kavee Kumar, (Country Manager, Globe Capital, New Delhi) highlighted a new perspective of commodity trading in the light of geopolitical issues. Mr. G.S Dang (ex-Deputy Director, IIP) enlightened the students about the integration of refineries and petrochemical industries and discussed the benefits of integration. Mr. Amit Narayan (CEA to CMD, ONGC) discussed various Enhance Oil Recovery (EOR) and new technological avenues and its economics in upstream sector of oil and gas industries. The conference concluded with the speech of Mr.Rakesh Tiwari (Operation Manger IOCL) informative sharing of his experiences in IOC.
To conclude, Naftonomix 2012 proved not just the technical event providing platform only for the sharpening of the executive dexterity in the students to perform but also provided them with an arena of opportunities to step up and display their cultural and artistic skills.