While turning young engineering and management graduates into entrepreneurs is often piped as crucial for our country striving for sustainability in our energy needs is also imperative. Aaron  Eipe John, a student of M Tech. (Energy  systems), College of Engineering  Studies,  UPES perhaps aims

to have a shot  at both! Aaron, a mechanical  engineer (B.E.) from Anna
University in the year 2011 is a budding  technocrat who dreams of
making products which run on renewable energy sources.

energy students
Aaron working on Pneumatic Bike

Some of the projects he has worked on include a ‘Fuel efficient kiln’, ‘ Cheap energy efficient passive solar tracking using water’,‘Pneumatic bike designed for petroleum industries’, ‘Mechanical regenerative Braking on a 4-wheeler’, ‘Non degradable hydrocarbon waste to fuel conversion’, “Hydrogen Fuel supplement for diesel engines” etc. Aaron is presently working on designing and fabrication of a project titled “Heat to Refrigeration in Automobiles and Air-­‐conditioners” which involves both CoES and College of Management and Econimics Studies for designing and marketing the technology. Putting such innovative ideas into practice for using renewable energy is what the budding entrepreneurs and technocrat of our country should take a lead from.

Article by Mr. Sunil Barthwal Assistant Professor, College of Management and Economics Studies, UPES