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UPES Virtual Labs enthuse students to experiment

The Department of Mechanical Engineering successfully  organized  a workshop Titled on,  “Virtual Labs for Mechanical and Basic Science” on 28th March  2016 by Virtual Labs Project, IIT Delhi.  Virtual labs are designed to give remote access in various disciplines of Science and Engineering.  Virtual Labs enable the students to learn at their own pace and enthuse them to conduct experiments.

UPES Virtual Lab

UPES Virtual Lab

The Virtual labs also give a complete learning management system where the students can avail various tools for learning, including other web-resources, video-lectures, animated demonstrations and self-evaluation.


It is with proud we announce that UPES has broken all its previous records of last 11 years, as this time we have donated a total 1568 units and total deferred donors were 381 making a total count of 1949 students who volunteered … Continue reading