More you specialize more you become an asset  to your organisation. The Gen Z has got an opportunity to graduate from some of the niche domains which were rare to be seen some years back from now. Specialization is the demand of the time and hence one can see similar updation in the variety of courses offering from many dynamic and practical approach universities. UPES is also among those progressive universities that underlines the due requirements of the industry by offering multi-disciplinary courses.

Courses like B. Tech Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Power Systems Engineering, Geo Science Engineering and many more are again such specializations that are rare to find in many universities, but very promising in upcoming times. A smart aspirant today does a market search, interact with colleagues, friends, discusses with relatives and take advise with parent before enrolling for any course. And such multidisciplinary specializations, just because are not know to few, should not be left out from the consideration.

These engineering courses have equal potential & career prospects, as could be seen by any engineering course from main stream. Its only the approach of these courses that essentially make them stand out as specialized courses a real sense. Their exhaustive modules, contemporary curricula and practical approach to learning helps these budding engineers to become ready to start contributing from day one of the joining in an organisation.